Living a Sex Positive Life

Author: John C Luna

Pulptown – Living a sex-positive life in Orlando

Angelique Luna, local blogger turned sex advocate and educator, is one-half of the local podcast, ‘Living a Sex Positive Life’, where she and her husband, John, talk about how to embrace sexuality and why it’s important. Angelique is also a certified kink therapy professional meaning she talks to folks about their alternative sexual lifestyles, sometimes […]

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What’s Missing in Medical Training Today?

Last weekend my wife & I volunteered at an event to educate people on sexual wellness, hygiene, consent, and boundaries. One note to mention is that this event was held at a community for the mentally challenged (hoping I used the correct term). Although the reason I’m writing this story has nothing to do with […]

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Starting as a Dominant

I’ve been in the kink lifestyle, meaning swinging, for over 10 years but it’s only been the last year that I have been exploring BDSM. My wife and I have were familiar with the local dungeon and started with weekly roping classes. Soon it became classes twice a week plus a weekend night. Then the […]

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Closing a Relationship

These days you can find an abundance of articles, videos and podcasts about polyamory, swinging and open relationships. Some caution about the damaging affects and call it an immoral activity. Others praise the emotional and sexual benefits and believe it to be more of an identity rather than just a hobby. Although these alternative relationships […]

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The Importance of the 3 C’s of Relationships

You are curious about being kinky but do not know where to start. You finally attend a Kink 101 workshop where they start throwing out words like Safe, Sane Consensual (SSC) or Risk Awareness Consensual Kink (RACK). Your mind goes into a  head spin because they are talking about communication, negotiations,  boundaries, consent and more. That you feel […]

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Movement when Roped

Last night my wife and I planned an intimate evening at home. I laid out my rope as she undressed. First, I wrapped her chest and we were both having fun. Next, I tied her legs so they could not be extended. Nothing fancy just a basic tie I’ve done before. She laid back and […]

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